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Kits and Classroom Parts

Classroom Stock

These parts are in stock and accessible in 301 Metcalf


Through-hole 1/4 watt resistors. Digikey part numbers.
When ordering resistors make sure that they are packed "bulk".

Value Part Number Value Part Number
10 10QTR-ND 10K 10KQBK-ND
47 47QTR-ND 15K 15KQBK-ND
100 100QTR-ND 22K 22KQBK-ND
150 150QTR-ND 33K 33KQBK-ND
220 220QTR-ND 47K 47KQBK-ND
330 330QTR-ND 51K 51KQBK-ND
390 390QTR-ND 75K 75KQBK-ND
470 470QTR-ND 100K 100KQBK-ND
680 680QTR-ND 120K 120KQBK-ND
1K 1.0KQBK-ND 220K 220KQBK-ND
1.2K 1.2QBK-ND 330K 330KQBK-ND
1.5K 1.5KQBK-ND 470K 470KQBK-ND
2.2K 2.2KQBK-ND 680K 680KQBK-ND
2.7K 2.7KQBK-ND 820K 820KQBK-ND
3.3K 3.3KQBK-ND 1M 1.0MQBK-ND
4.7K 4.7KQBK-ND 1.5M 1.5MQBK-ND
5.6K 5.6KQBK-ND 2M 2.0MQBK-ND
8.2K 8.2KQBK-ND 3.3M 3.3MQBK-ND
    4.7M 4.7MQBK-ND
    10M 10MQBK-ND

.1 ufd (104)
47 ufd
100 ufd
400x 1 amp diodes
4148 signal diodes

Student Kits

These are the parts in your AM student kits

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