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JeeNodes are small, low-cost Arduino-compatible microcontroller boards with radio transceivers integrated onto the boards. They vary from Arduinos is several ways. One aspect of them is that pins are arranged in "ports". Each port has an digital input pin and an analog pin on the Arduino as well as ground, regulated 3.3 volts, power, and an interrupt pin that is shared with all the ports.

These ports are addressed in a software library, to make interfacing sensors and other devices more convenient. The pins in the ports can be addressed with either their Arduino names or with the names in the Ports library functions. This may seem slightly confusing at first but hopefully will become more clear as you use the JeeNodes.

Building the JeeNode and First Steps

Installing the JeeNode Software

Hardware Checkout

JeeNode Hardware

JeeNode Sketches

JeeNode to Arduino pin mapping

This is a reference chart explaining how JeeNode pins relate to Arduino pins. This is important when you starting writing software.

                      ASCII art JeeNode  to Arduino Pin Map
FTDI                     [port2]                      [port1] 
         |       |D3  A1          D5     |    |D3  A0          D4     |    |   Arduino pin numbers
 ___     |-------|IRQ AIO +3V GND DIO PWR|    |IRQ AIO +3V GND DIO PWR|    |
 ___     | D1|TXD|                                           ---- ----     |
 ___     | A5|SCL|                                       D12|MISO|+3v |    |
 ___     | A4|SDA|          Atmel Atmega 328             D13|SCK |MOSI|D11 |
 ___     |   |PWR|               JeeNode                    |RST |GND |    |
 ___     |   |GND|                                       D8 |BO  |B1  |D9  | <- status LED on D9
         | D0|RXD|                                           ---- ----     |
 black   |-------|PWR DIO GND +3V AIO IRQ|    |PWR DIO GND +3V AIO IRQ|    |
         |       |    D6          A2  D3 |    |    D7          A3  D3 |    |   Arduino pin numbers
BUB       -------|-----------------------|----|-----------------------|----
FTDI                     [port3]                      [port4] 

  • Here is the same information in table form.
  • Avoid using pins 10, 11, 12, & 13 as they are in use by the radio.

JeeNode to Arduino Pin Map

JeeNode PinsArduino pins
Port1 AIO pinA0
Port1 DIO pin4
Port2 AIO pinA1
Port2 DIO pin5
Port3 AIO pinA2
Port3 DIO pin6
Port3 AIO pinA3
Port3 DIO pin7

More pin mapping

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